Excerpt from Chapter 10

Published November 5, 2016

Temptation to Sin | Adriana Parrinello

Excerpt from Chapter 10:

Dr. Marcus Parnell sat back in his chair amazed at what the man before
him had suffered. While Tony explained his story, he felt a compassion
for him that he had never felt for any of his patients before. Dr. Parnell
always viewed his patients as an opportunity to grow in experience—as
a way to gain knowledge. Though he had a decent bedside manner, he
always remained detached—until now. Tony had truly touched his heart,
and though the man had endured inconceivable pain, Dr. Parnell envied
him. For Tony had an inner strength, a reckoning force from within, that
pulled him through and made him more potent than any man he knew.
The doctor finally pinpointed that strength. It was Tony’s faith.

Any other man may have turned an angry fist to God, but not Tony.
Any other man would have certainly laughed at the face of God and
doubted His existence, but not Tony. His faith never faltered—never