Excerpt from Chapter 8

Published October 30, 2016

Temptation to Sin | Adriana Parrinello

Excerpt from Chapter 8:

Tuesday, December 19

“I just can’t do it, Doc,” Tony cried. For the second time that week, he
found himself sitting in Dr. Parnell’s office discussing his problems. He was
far past frustrated and confusion clouded his judgment. “I just can’t bring
myself to open up to her. What’s wrong with me?” Tony’s eyes pleaded
with his doctor’s.

In a casual manner, Dr. Parnell lifted his right foot and placed it over
his left leg. His hands adjusted his red paisley tie and he sat back in his
chair. “Ton, I’ve told you before and I’m going to tell you again. You need
to listen to me if you are going to find some peace in your life. The longer
you keep this bottled up inside, the harder it’s going to be. You need to talk
about this, and not just with me but with your loved ones, too. Laura is a
caring, loving woman. She wants to be there for you. What are you so worried