Excerpt from Chapter 5

Published October 21, 2016

Temptation to Sin | Adriana Parrinello

Excerpt from Chapter 5:

Saturday, December 16

Tony woke Saturday morning with a heaviness he could not sustain.
That night would surely be a disaster if he could actually follow
through with his own plan. Laura would not want anything to do with him . .
. if she knew what was good for her.
It would be near impossible pulling it off.
He did not think he could intentionally hurt her. Ironically, this is the reason
he worked so hard to get better—to protect her. Wasn’t he getting help
for his illness, so Max would never return, thus keeping Laura out of harm’s way?
Now he was making plans to turn her away. It sounded absurd, but things
could not continue on the way they were.

He gazed out the window of the bedroom he had planned to share with
her for the rest of their lives. Light snow trickled downward, leaving a
white haze over everything it hit. This would have been a perfect day to
pick Laura up and spend the afternoon together, just frolicking around
outside. Or even to stay home and sit near a fire, relaxing. Instead, he was
home alone, concocting a plot on how to let her go.