Excerpt from Chapter 4

Published October 18, 2016

Temptation to Sin | Adriana Parrinello

Excerpt from Chapter 4:

Frank Blandino maneuvered his vehicle out of the hospital parking lot.
Tony quietly sat in the passenger’s seat. His eyes were red-rimmed
from crying and he felt emotionally drained. After the lengthy session, Dr.
Parnell had Tony sleep off the drug. When Tony finally woke, the reality
of what they had learned during the session was revealed and Tony was not
sure he could handle it. Doc reassured him that they were making serious
progress. Now that the truth of the abuse was out, they could help Tony to
come to terms with it. Tony practically trembled at the thought of his little
sisters’ abuse. He felt sickened that he did not help. In fact, the more he
doted on it, the more guilt he felt.

Frank reached over and patted his nephew’s shoulder. “Whatever it is
… whatever you discovered in there, you’re going to be okay.”